TheOasis.City Ethos

We exist to build you up, to help you stop fighting with life and start enjoying life.

Our time is fleeting and the day will be done before we know it.

TheOasis.City Mission Statement

To end suicide caused by loneliness. Loneliness is solved by purpose and goals.

  • BY getting people dates that turns into Friends and Mates
  • BY giving people the secrets to creating Riches, that turns into Wealth
  • BY finding Homes for people, using an AI search engine that discovers hidden houses for sale
  • BY getting people Jobs Quick that turn into a Career Goals

TO Help Members Start Enjoying Life!

  • By increasing their friends
  • By increasing their dates and mates
  • By increasing their riches and wealth
  • By increasing their home ownership
  • By increasing their jobs and careers Objectives

See it Big but Keep it Simple