Video Privacy Policy

Video Privacy Policy
Our Privacy Policy has changed. Please click here for a summary of the changes.
Effective Date: This Privacy Policy was last revised on October 14, 2015. LLC (“,” “we,” “our,” or “us”) is providing this Video Privacy Policy (the “Video Policy”) so that you can better understand our privacy practices with respect to the media content consumption activities collected on or through any of the Services (as defined below) that contain a link to this Video Policy. Services include (i) those offered on any URL, including (the “ Website”), (ii) messaging services (including, without limitation, instant messaging, private messaging, and public and private group chatting), (iii) music and video services (including, without limitation, any TV-branded video service (“ TV™”)), (iv) developer services, (v) mobile services, (vi) advertising services, and (vii) any other features, content, or applications offered or operated from time to time by in connection with’s business, including when is accessed via the internet, mobile device, television or other device (collectively, “ Services”).
This Video Policy is intended to supplement, not amend our current Privacy Policy. For the complete details with respect to our privacy practices, see our Privacy Policy. Any capitalized terms that appear in this Video Policy but are not otherwise defined herein are intended to have the meanings given to them in the Privacy Policy.

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