Buying a Home, Step One

Buying a condo in a big city, a farm in a small town, or a house, can be a good deal. The opportunity to be on your own and start building a life and wealth is great.

Pick out what fits your needs, location and budget. Get a free copy of your credit report and credit score, this will tell you if bank will loan you anything. To get the free credit report authorized by law, go to or call (877) 322-8228.

Try to make sure that you are buying the minimum living situation that you can afford. Two incomes are needed to safely buy a home. Banks give no slack on one income buyers, you lose your job, you’ve lost your house. And in today’s job market, you will lose your job at least one or twice in your lifetime.

Losing your house, means foreclosure, a bad credit score, bankruptcy, homelessness and possibly total financial ruin. With bad credit no apartment complex will want to rent to you without 3 months rent upfront as a security deposit, and if you don’t have a job/paycheck stub, the answer is just “no”.

So the best solution as a first time home buyer is to by a “discounted home” by using

Discounted homes are homes under $200,000 that are build sturdy, have life in them, and in which equity can be built.

This is the home that I bought, 4bdr/2bath 2,624sqft, basketball court/trampoline, it was listed for $128k and we offered $130k, as our “process” showed that it was a “discountedhome”, with strong indications of a future increase in value.

Act now and start your journey to becoming a homeowner. click here

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