Getting Rich, Step One.

Being Poor sucks!

Homelessness is its own version of Hell, once you go there, it’s a trap, and hard to get out of. You have to have a place to get a job, to get services, to get a replacement id, to rebuild. Once you’re homeless the only way o get out, is by someone else supporting you, taking you in, letting you live with them. For women this is easier than men, here are shelter that specialize in taking in single women or women with kids. But very few, if none shelters that take single men or men with kids.

Unemployed people with no savings, no family to fall back on, are quickly homeless, and homelessness is a hole thats hard to climb out of.

Even people in shitty jobs feel less anxiety than people who are unemployed. Unemployed people are in a version of hell that is unique to themselves.

People with savings, are in hell too, because they know that when they run out that they will be ruined; homeless, a failure of their own making. These people “Rich” people are people who have savings, assets, sources of money to fall back on in lean times.

But Truly Wealthy people are the ones that have “Passive Income” or “Personal Income” this is income from investments, dividend stocks, real estate ownerships that they are renting out; house, apartments, condo’s, commercial property, or land. This is a place to fall back on.

The Top 100 wealthiest people, own these types of assets, assets that produce income; businesses, real estate, and money that earns money.

Get step one, go to

Register and get a job, the quicker you start earning money of any amount the better. Earning money increases life satisfaction, life options, and overall general emotional health.

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